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"Working with Bailey over the last few months has been life-changing. I was constantly making bad choices on Seamless during late nights at my office, and desperate for a break and some variety in my diet. Bailey's meals have gone above and beyond what I was even hoping for, with creative recipes and fresh ingredients that I never would have thought to make or even order on my own. Her professionalism and flexibility are a huge value add on top of the food, and coming home on Thursday nights to a fridge full of fresh food is one of the highlights of my week. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

Chocolate Cupcakes with Berries


“I feel so clean from eating your food, I could eat the vegetable soups for every meal and feel great and energized”


"Having had high levels of food intolerances for quite a number of years and been diagnosed with autoimmune symptoms, I always like to be careful about what I eat. Over time, I have learned that food is real medicine and has a direct impact on our physical, mental and emotional well being. As I stepped out into NYC to pursue my dreams, I realized I would have to take control of my time and find a chef who would be a good fit for my specific requirements. That’s when I met Bailey. Bailey catered to my restricted food preferences, provided variety, developing recipes that offered health benefits without compromising on taste, no matter how many restrictions I have. Exceptional, professional and always punctual,  the presentation of the meals, the simplicity, freshness, and flavor that she brings in her food is outstanding. She recently made me a delicious gluten-free chicken curry that tickled my Indian taste buds. 

I highly recommend Bailey to all my friends and family who are looking to eat healthy food without compromising on flavor. With Bailey, I feel, it is truly a gift when you discover your calling."

Chef Dish
Bowl of Berries
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